5 Stylish Nail Trends to Try in 2024

Nails are one of the most pivotal forms of self-expression in women. They enjoy the beautiful look and feel of long, polished and properly shaped nails. You can enhance the look and feel

Nowadays, the beauty industry in Australia has been generating revenues through personal grooming services, including nails. From nail art to beautiful extensions, you can find a range of options to enhance the look and feel. If you want a nail makeover this season, consider this guide.

We bring you the five most stylish nail trends that are gaining popularity among women of all ages in Gold Coast and other parts of the nation.

Let’s Get Started!


1. Jewel Tones on Nails

You can choose metallic gold, shiny silver and mirrored polish to makeover your nails this year.  According to many fashion experts, bold and cool silver tones and chrome are on the fingertips of 50 per cent women in Gold Coast.

There is no denying that Gen Z and Millennials are heading towards this heavy and metallic nail trend. The best part is that it is versatile and super stylish to elevate the entire look of your hands.


2. Duo-Chrome Nails

Most female celebrities have been spotted wearing this beautiful and stylish nail trend on their fingertips. Duo chrome nails are all about using multiple layers of chrome and metallic nail polishes to give a shiny and shimmery look.

It is available in different shades and finishes to suit every skintone. If you want to know more about it, contact the best beauty salon in Gold Coast and book an appointment today. They also offer manicure services to keep your nails clean, shiny and healthy.


3. Bows on Nail

Believe it or not! The trend of blow has been gaining a lot of popularity across the nation. Apart from being a stylish hair accessory, bows also look beautiful on nails.

You can opt for an easy stick-on bow accent or visit the salon for a professional intricate nail art or 3D embellishments. It will look playful and boost the entire look and feel of your hands.


4. Coquette Nails


Coquette nails are one of the hottest nail trends in 2024. If you are desiring for a romantic, chic and whimsical look, go for this nail trend.

The beauty salon experts use pastels, pearls, hearts, and other accessories to give a delicate vibe. You can go for simple pastel design or 3D embellishments depending on your specific requirements, nail lengths and shapes.


5. Nude Nails

Are you a fan of simple yet classic nail art? Go for nude polishes that look subtle on fingertips. This is also one of the most popular trends in the majority of regions, including Gold Coast,  Brisbane and other parts of Queensland.

You can choose from creamy whites to beige and light pink tones that suit every skin tone.


Wrapping Up

These are the trendiest nail arts that will elevate the look and feel of your hands and allow your fingertips to resonate style. Make sure you look for the best beauty salon in Gold Coast where you can get best nail art and extension services at the best price.