Our Beauty Services

Facial Treatment

To cleanse, hydrate, exfoliation and refresh your face using natural beauty products. This is our most loved treatment by our prestigious clients, including top-level managers at company offering Professional Bond Cleaning Brisbane. You can get the glow you always wanted with our excellent facial treatment.

Body Exfoliation

Complete body exfoliation expels impurities and unmasks soft, smooth and healthy skin.  It is also great for removing dead skin, lightening blemishes, and reducing pigmentation. Whether you choose a gentle scrub or an invigorating exfoliation, call us and get our service at the most reasonable price.

Manicure & Pedicure

Here is your chance to enjoy your self-care regime with our relaxed manicure and pedicure services. Our trained nail technicians will pamper you by offering attention-to-detail and top-class hygiene. Choose from a variety of nail colours, shapes and designs to express your unique style.


Rejuvenate your body with our relaxed massage services. Whether it is for stress relief, tranquil escape or muscle tension, we can help you give the best massages using aromatic oils, and pro techniques. Let us leave you with a profound sense of relaxed mind and body.


Possess a team of professional make-up artists to make you look beautiful for your special event. Dazzle at any work or personal event with suitable and professionally done make-up.

Spray tan

Provide you with the Gold Coast beach bronzed colour without even letting you take a sunbath. Get sun kissed skin with minimum effort or exposure to harmful UV rays.

Ladies Waxing

Using best quality of wax to provide you less painful waxing experience. Our team is experienced and knows how to wax various skin types without any hassle, pain or stress.

Men Waxing

We also offer men waxing service, covering neck, chest, full arm, and full leg. You can have a smooth and shiny skin without worrying about pain of waxing. Plus, We don’t recycle our wax.

Our Prices

Muscle relaxant injections can remove dynamic wrinkles and also relax your muscles. It prevents wrinkles and gives you a young and vibrant skin.

It helps in treating static wrinkles – thanks to its dead-skin healing properties. It can also create volume and add definition to your lips.

Brow lifts are used to add dimensions to your brows to enhance the current look of your face. We can make you look younger and happier.

An innovative technique used to add more definition to the jawline. It also rebalances the underlying muscles and also helps you in lifting your neck and jaw.

Do you want a bright and long-lasting hair colour? Come and visit Lavish Beauty Salon. We are Gold Coast’s top-class salon for colour intensifiers.

Change your look with our funky and stylish hair extensions. We can provide you natural-looking hair extension to give you a chic appearance.

Hair mousse, serums and other hair styling products add extra volume and shine to hairs. We buy only chemically- approved products for hair styling.

Shampoo & Conditioner are great for long and healthy hair, and that’s why we use the best quality of brands for the hair spa.

Lip Scrub is a great lip care products as it can exfoliate dry lips while removing dead and chapped skin cells and give a more hydrated look.

Fed up with chapped lips? Try our vibrant and glossy lipsticks. These give a luscious look while keeping your lips hydrated.

Matte Lipsticks give chic, stylish and oomph factor to your lips. All colours are available in our matte lipsticks collection.

Lip balms hydrate your lips and give them a shining look.

We use only mineral makeup products to ensure healthy and oxygenated skin.

Our organic bath and body products include soaps, shampoos, and antiperspirants that detoxify the body and make it healthier.

Organic beauty products are great alternation to chemical products. Fully-certified organic beauty products are good not only for health but also radiant the skin.

Vegan makeup works wonder when it comes to healthy and purposeful lifestyle. Such products support animal welfare and promote healthy and beautiful skin.

We use argan oil, jojoba oil, and squalane oil to help you get rid of clog pores and also hydrate your skin. Facial oils deeply nourish and moisturise your skin.

These are used to remove the outer layer of dead cells from the skin. Such products rejuvenate the skin and also prevent blackheads and pimples.

These are lightweight moisturisers that deeply penetrate and nourish the skin. It gives extra shine to your face and makes you look beautiful and refresh.

Our facial care products include top-branded cleanser to remove makeup, oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Also, helps in unclogging pores and revitalise the skin inside.

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Want a soft and hydrated skin? Try our Microdermabrasion treatment to exfoliate chapped and dried skin cells. This is a painless treatment that leaves your skin fresh, radiant and smooth. It also prevents from sun damages, acne and scars. So, treat your skin at its best because you are beautiful.

Tinting & Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are artificial ones that are glued carefully, one by one, over the natural lash. It is a semi-permanent solution that lasts 2-4 weeks depending on how well you treat your extensions. These can enhance the overall appearance of the face and make you look stunning.

Foot Massage

This is your time, so make it more relaxing and rejuvenating. Our foot massage aims at your reflex points that relieve pain from your entire body.


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